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Arbah Capital started to operate ARBAH GCC Diversified Trade Finance Fund

Arbah Capital is pleased to announce the launch of Arbah GCC Diversified Trade finance Fund on 06th of May 2018, an open-ended liquidity investment fund investing in sharia complaint money markets and fixed income instruments.

The Fund was launched in accordance with the requirements of the public offering by the Capital Market Authority of Saudi Arabia. The Fund's main objective is capital growth over the medium and long term and to provide liquidity upon investor's request.

"We are eager in providing to our customers an innovative and competitive investment products that fits their needs and the market condition. The launch of this fund comes in the context of the company’s profitability trends to develop its customers' assets base and expand its financial position," said Mr.Mahmood Al-Kooheji, Chief Executive Officer, to ensure that their requirements and aspirations will be met and maximize their returns through a variety of investment vehicles and long-term view that takes into consideration risk reduction and the search for safe opportunities. "

Mr. Al-Kooheji confirmed that the launch of Arbah GCC diversified trade fund, which is denominated in Saudi riyals, follows the list of other Shariah Compliant funds managed by Arbah Capital, which provides integrated investment solutions designed to give customers access and investment opportunities in local, regional and international markets. The management of these funds is a highly experienced in investment field that has been able to achieve continuous performance rates and to record growth returns for investors as a result of the accumulated experience and broad vision under which these factors will be supporting the fund management efficiency.