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Arbah Capital participates in “Estedama” Forum Held in the Kingdom of Bahrain

The non-profit organization's financial resources development forum held at the Art Rotana Hotel in the Kingdom of Bahrain, from October 05, 2019 to October 06, 2019. The participants from various nationalities attended the forum from non-profit organizations, their work mechanism and modern investment strategies, and the development of resources for non-profit organizations.

The forum included workshops and discussion sessions, in addition to a presentation of the practical experiences of non-profit organizations, as well as seven different scientific papers for the non-profit sector. The event has significant importance as it discussed the current situation of non-profit organizations across the globe.


Mr Mahmood Yousif Al-Kooheji, the CEO of Arbah Capital, represented the firm at the forum. He was amongst one of the key guest speakers at the forum. He expressed his views on the investment strategy and optimal asset allocation for these organizations, discussed the current situation and the international success stories of such organizations, and the best investment mechanism suitable for non-profit organizations. He proposed a comprehensive investment strategy focusing on "Capital Protection” and “Recurring Income”. Furthermore, he proposed asset allocation that achieves the investment objectives of the organizations at an appropriate risk level that achieves the required capital protection, thereby supporting the achievement of the community objectives of the organizations.

The proposed strategy presented by Arbah Capital was based on the diversity in the distribution of investments among various investment instruments and the diversity of investment mechanism, as well as appropriate geographical diversity, similar to the best modern mechanisms of investment, which suit different sizes of endowments, especially medium and small ones.

Arbah Capital has been honoured to participate in the forum, based on its long-standing investment experience spanning over more than 10 years in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its excellence in providing investment and advisory solutions to several endowments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arbah Capital is pleased to provide several advisory services to these organizations in order to achieve the noble community goals based on the corporate social responsibility of Arbah Capital towards the community.