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As part of our commitment to online visitors, clients, transparency, and concerns regarding informing what the client needs to know about electronic transactions, you are kindly requested to read the following: Entering the website of Arbah Capital, including its subdivisions and external links, implies full acceptance and adherence to all the terms and conditions listed below. In case you are not willing to accept the terms and conditions, this implies your refusal to use the website and its subdivisions. Therefore, you are required not to enter the website and its pages. Arbah Capital is the sole owner of all information and material available on its website including pages, designs, layout, screens, and prints.

Information: Information included in the website or any of its subdivisions is for knowledge purposes only. It is subject to change and investment risks, including risks of potential loss of the investor's capital. Thus, Arbah Capital shall not provide any financial or legal consultations through its website.

Information Protection: Any information collected about you for use of website purposes represents a commitment to protect your privacy, and is subject to all terms related to the privacy policy announced on our website.

Prohibited Use: It is prohibited to use the website for any illegal, defamatory, or neglectful purposes.

No Guarantee: Arbah Capital does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on its website. We accept no liability for the information or any guarantees available on our website and other items on a "as they are" and "as available" basis. We shall not provide any explicit or implicit guarantees or commitments related to the information available on the website, including any insufficiencies or incompleteness. Arbah Capital does not guarantee the continuation of its website without interruption. We do not guarantee safety from the transfer of viruses or potential damages to your PC. Therefore you are responsible for taking all the necessary precautions to protect your PC, including performing periodical virus scans and installing the latest security updates for computer protection.

Updates: The website of Arbah Capital may be subject to periodic updates and other changes from time to time. These updates and changes may take place at anytime without prior notice.

Responsibility: Arbah Capital shall not be responsible in any way or under any circumstances for losses, damages, or liabilities; whether direct, or indirect; special, or contingent resulting from the client's usage, inability to use, or dependence on the website or any of its materials, products, and services. We are not liable for matters resulting from failure of performance; errors; negligence; breakdowns; interruptions; delays in operation or transmission; computer viruses and the like; breakdowns related to communication lines; affiliated or unaffiliated systems even if we are notified with the possibility of such damages, losses, or expenses. Arbah Capital is not liable for maintaining the discretion of the data provided via its website, except for matters agreed upon between Arbah Capital and party responsible for managing the direct relation with the data provider, unless otherwise agreed, in accordance with applicable rules.