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By December 22nd of 2018, Arbah Capital‘s board members & management team have conducted a workshop at the Capital Club in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Throughout this workshop, both teams had extensive discussions based on the market, economic conditions and industry best practices as fundamentals to their discussions, which have enabled the group to develop business strategy & plan for the coming three years.

The workshop focused on discussing five topics brainstormed in separate roundtables, The highlights of the topics were as follows : Arbah’ s overall corporate strategy & plan, the current & future real estate investment strategy, Investing in income generating assets (located in the GCC- mainly KSA, USA and UK), Capital market & brokerage services, and lastly private equity investments.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Mahmood Al-Kooheji, the Chief Executive Officer, presented important recommendations of the workshop and expressed his appreciation to the board members & the management for their contribution and time towards the formulation of the company’s new vision & strategy.