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Dr Sheikh Jameel Bin Abdul Mohsin Al Khalaf
Board Member

Dr Sheikh Jameel served as the dean at the College of Shari'ah in the Islamic University of Al Imam Mohamed Bin Saud. He also Is a Director of the Jurisprudence Contemporary Matters at 'Al Tamyeez Research Centre. Throughout his career, he has served as a lecturer and member of faculty for Shari'ah related courses and degrees in several Institutes and Colleges. He also engaged in Islamic dialogues, participated in Islamic Shari'ah related committees and fiqh researching, and has issues articles with some appearances in Media. He holds bachelors from the College of Shari'ah corresponding to the the Islamic University of Al Imam Mohamed Bin Saud in Riyadh. He also holds a Master’s degree and a Doctorate In Fiqh.