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Asset Management Portfolio

Arbah IPO Fund - Exited

Seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing in IPOs and in companies listed in the last five years. The fund's aim is to build a solid portfolio of stocks able to outperform the market through economic cycles with a tried and tested investment approach. The investment team researches to find businesses and company management teams which have a proven track record of generating wealth. Over a decade of experience investing in financial markets, the portfolio management team puts an emphasis on in-house research and looking beyond published reports

Arbah Saudi Equity Fund - Exited

Our Saudi Equity Fund is an open ended Shariah-compliant fund which aims to generate medium to long-term capital growth through investments in equities of companies listed on the Saudi and Qatari equity market.

GCC Liquidity Fund

The fund aims to provide investors with consistent capital growth, liquidity upon their requests and to preserve the capital by investing in Sharia’h compliant short and medium term financial instruments, including deposits with credible banks (through Murabha & Wakala Agreements), investing in GCC fixed income instruments/sukuk and etc.

  • Daily Liquidity
  • Low Risk
  • Minimum Subscription SAR 10,000
  • Average Return 3 - 4% p.a. 

The fund has diversified its investments among various counterparties and maturities which has enabled optimize the fund’s risk adjusted returns. The fund provides to its` unit holders an important feature that allows the investors to liquidate their position on a daily basis.