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Corporate Governance

A principle of good governance is that stakeholders should be informed about our firm’s activities, what we plan to do in the future and any risks involved in our business strategies.

Transparency means openness, a willingness by our firm to provide clear information to shareholders and other stakeholders. For example, transparency refers to the openness and willingness to disclose financial performance figures which are truthful and accurate. Disclosure of material matters concerning our organisation’s performance and activities should be timely and accurate to ensure that all investors have access to clear, factual information, which accurately reflects the financial, social and environmental position of Arbah Capital.

Through governance, we clarify and make publicly known the roles and responsibilities of the board and management to provide shareholders with a level of accountability. This transparency ensures that our stakeholders have confidence in our decision-making and management processes.

Corporate Governance Department:

The Corporate Governance Department is responsible for mentoring listed companies with corporate governance regulations in order to ensure strict adherence to best corporate governance practices which protect the rights of shareholders and the rights of stakeholders. The Department has developed many strategies in order to do this with listed companies whichcompanies, which include:

  • Increase the awareness of and promotion of corporate governance regulations and good governance practices.
  • Promote the concepts of transparency, responsibility, and fairness raising the awareness of investors in regards to good governance.
  • Enhance communication with professional international and local organizations related to corporate governance as well as institutional investors in order to introduce and develop corporate governance practices in the Kingdom.
  • Develop clear and effective procedures in the Department to oversee the governance practices of listed companies in the capital market. This ensures the protection of investors in the capital market.
  • Encourage self-enforcement of good practices of corporate governance and promote a culture of governance in listed companies through continuous communication.
  • Develop and use appropriate tools to ensure the effective application of statutory requirements for corporate governance.