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Corporate Investment

Our aim is to carry out highly selective investments in regions and entities where there is high potential for investment outperformance. Our targeted areas are the GCC, UK and USA.

When we target entities, we look for entities with a strong track record and with recognized products, which show potential for growth in order to deliver higher earnings. Some of the industries we are looking to target are Education, F&B, Oil & Gas, Security Services, Medical and Technology.

Private Equity

Arbah Capital invests in established companies with proven, dedicated management team, superior product or service offerings. We focus on opportunities in located in GCC, UK and USA in education, social infrastructure, F&B, oil and gas, security services, medical and information technology sectors. with proven track record or growth capital potential.

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Corporate Finance & Advisory

Arbah Capital’s Corporate Finance team comprises high-calibre professionals with extensive industry expertise, and provides clients with unparalleled tailored solutions.

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Islamic Structured Finance

Our Sharia’ah compliant Islamic Structured Finance focuses on creative structures and mechanisms for bridging the project or business requirements of funding, the funding achieved through several approaches such as: direct financing under the senior, Junior or Mezzanine financing, and indirectly through Sukuk that most comply with the Sharie’a Standards and Policies.

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Custody Service

Arbah Capital provides securities’ custody services which includes actual custody of investors’ records and documents, opening trading and current accounts and other various corporate services.

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