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Vision and Mission


To be a successful investment firm through the application of the highest professional standards, drawing on our investment experience and adhering to our Islamic values

Organizational Values

  • Trust
    Gained from all our stakeholders and the general public
  • Excellence
    In achieving the highest professional standards in all our dealings
  • Dedication
    In adopting Islamic values, professional appearances, honesty, confidentiality, professionalism and accuracy, as well as adhering to the company-wide culture of high ethical standards
  • Transparency
    In all our dealings, contracts and results


  • To create value for our shareholders and maintain it over the long-term
  • To provide unique and high quality financial products and services which are in line with the market and comply with the principles of the Islamic Shari’ah
  • To meet the needs of customers in simple, flexible and creative ways
  • To provide our investors with sound investment advice, drawing on the strength of our experience and knowledge, while keeping abreast of the latest financial sector developments
  • To maintain a strong work culture by attracting and rewarding high quality staff, and motivating them to provide high quality and competitive services