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Arbah Capital provides its valued investors with the required tools and services to trade in the Saudi Arabia stock market directly using high up-to-date technology systems (Mubasher platform). This allows investors to easily access and control their investments through a free call centre, trading brokers and various innovative electronic channels which allow investors to view the prices of all stocks, to view their investment accounts and their portfolio from anywhere and at any time. The electronic channels also allow clients to execute transactions directly.

Our accessibility to Tadawul gives us facilitated access to the Saudi stock market. Our high-end, up-to-date technology, allows us easy access to our investments. We also have investment control through our free call center, and offer trading brokers and various high tech electronic channels.

Some of our brokerage service features are free telephone trading (call center), smart phone trading, professional trading and monitoring applications, platforms trading and Shari’ah compliant margin trading.

Arbah Tadawul

The user friendly Arbah Tadawul app can be launched from any mobile device after downloading the application from their respective store, enabling investors to have quick access to the latest market information, and effective and advanced trading tools. With our Net Plus offering, clients gain easy access to markets, locally and abroad, with complete control over their investments at their fingertips.

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Central Trading Unit

Arbah Tadawul offers investors convenience and quality unparalleled in the Saudi market. Accounts can be opened and activated in less than an hour, allowing trading to begin almost immediately. All our trading channels (including the dealing room, portal, mobile and tablet) are open to clients.

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Trading Platforms

Our Trader Workstation (TWS) and Pro 9 platforms are designed for our most sophisticated clients, giving active traders professional trading capabilities equal to any top brokerage in the world.

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Brokerage Team

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